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Our organisation always appreciates the time and energy of individuals, parents, carers or guardians who can help Voices of Disabled Children to achieve its objectives.

If you would like to get involved to volunteer some time or expertise we would be delighted to hear from you. Companies or individuals with legal expertise would be especially welcome to help to create accurate legal content for some web pages for this site. Any individual with experience of lobbying the Government for changes in legislation would also be of great assistance. Or if you have skills or knowledge that you feel can help our community please do get in touch

Disabled Children Family Experiences

Share your Experience

We would love to hear from Disabled Children and their Families of experiences of the Irish Court System.

We do not wish families to disclose any personal or legal details of their court proceedings].

However, we would like to hear the positive and negative experiences  of attending court with your disabled child.

By sharing your experiences  we can better understand the experiences of your families, in order to present a context to the Department of Justice about current court service delivery to families of disabled children, according to the families themselves. Please e-mail us in confidence to

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