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Hearing Aid

This is a not for profit organisation run by parents to support other parents, carers and guardians of disabled children. Caring, loving and living with a disabled child is a rollercoaster ride. When your child does something simple but amazing for them that you thought they might never learn to do, it sparks unquantifiable joy and delight.

On the other side of the rollercoaster is the tiredness, the disturbed nights sleep, the many areas of life on hold or forever changed and the isolation which can be incredibly difficult to live with everyday. Families caring for disabled children have incredible energy, determination and tenacity.

However, when such families have to go to Family Law courts it can be a daunting and overwhelming situation. And with all the family energy and time involved in caring for their child they may feel unable to speak up for their child, they feel unsure of their child's rights and unsure about how well and how much they know about their child and their needs. Contact us to learn more and join our campaign.

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